To trace writing is to trace civilization. It is the one form of art that has been with mankind. It is constantly evolving.

Nevertheless, different people have different reasons for writing.

Some write to be alive, to have that sense of creating a spark that burns forever.

Others write to awaken their dreams, to see that inextinguishable passion.

Others develop it as a given talent while a few turn it into a source of income.

Writing sparks the creative mind to unimaginable levels. Through writing, we pen down details oblivion to the eyes. We create atmospheres, environments, beauties, name them! Writing opens up opportunities and possibilities.  We preserve our messages and legacies in writing.

Those are not entirely the reasons as to why we write. There are more:


  • We Write To Change The World For The Better.

Writing is the one opportunity to bend the tides and accurately articulate what is right and what is wrong. Every day I put my hands on the keyboard, with every key pressed, the world will never be the same. However little the influence at times can be, it does make a difference.


  • We Write To Make A Mark In History.

People die, stories are sometimes forgotten; stories sometimes lose meaning. But there is always that piece of writing, that masterpiece that leaves a mark in history. Today, we can remember great historical writers like William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Charles Dickens and J. D. Salinger; we can remember living authors like J. K. Rowling, Chimamanda Adichie, Amity Gaige, George Boyle, among others. Merely because they left a mark in artistry and arts. That is why I write. Generations and generations to come will have something to keep them going.


  • We Write To Improve.

There is a saying that what you don’t use, you lose it. Writing constantly is the way to improve in the skill. It is rare to write once and create a masterpiece. Such comes by constant practice (practice makes perfect). We cannot improve by chanting we can write. We cannot improve by staring at other written works and saying we can do better than this. We can make the best by writing, editing, writing, editing and subsequently improve from there.


  • We Write Because We Love To Write.

We have to admit it, writing is intoxicating. Once you start, you can let go. It is the one thing I love, we love. We can’t describe it but there is this stillness (like the “Art of Stillness” by Pico Iyer) and calmness we get when we write. It is sometimes soothing, other times, it calms the rage within. Nonetheless, you cannot take away the love we get from writing.


  • I Am Alive Because I Write.

Lastly, writing puts me in the present moment. I am able to reason with the present and question the future. My senses of creativity and reasoning are inspired to be at their peak. The excitement of the moment, the majesty of my imagination. That is the reason why I breathe. I am fully alive because I write.


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