Writing Guidelines

Welcome to iKanwrite: A freelance writing portal for you to express yourself. We are glad to have you and your creativity, as we hope to enjoy many of your creativity and originality.

It is to this end we have setup just a few guidelines to help you glide in seamlessly and comfortably, reaching your appropriate audience and bringing the best out of your creativity.

The guidelines are forged into the following steps below:

  1. Always remember to click on the appropriate category for your writes before publishing them. This would enable your audience locate your works easily as well as new audiences interested in the category thus not to miss your great write-up.
  2. Ensure to re-read your writes a couple of times over before and after you publish them. This will help control typographical, grammatical and every other avoidable error, to make for good and enjoyable read for your audience alike.
  3. Images are great items. they help the human sense to visualize and imagine situations, in this case the Article you wrote. Make sure to upload an image befitting your article using the “Set featured image” link. you can also go the extra mile of uploading as many images as u feel neccessary into your post too.
  4. It is also advisable to read the articles from other writers on this platform, reach out to them, run reviews and comments and suggestions on bettering yours and their writing techniques. Please go about this as professionally possible, respecting borders and uninviting feedback.
  5. Why not reach out to possible audience and get more views by posting the links to your articles on your Social media pages and invite all your friends to read through and give you reviews on your articles.

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