What is creative writing?

Creative writing is a way to tell anything you want; to anybody you want. But, I want to define the term “creative writing” in a creative way!

Professor’s coming….

First of all, I want to ask you a question. What kind of media do you prefer to use? Movies? Radio? Television series? TV news? Internet? Magazines? Or books?

Think about something common in these medias. When a news reporter starts to tell a news, he/she starts from a point by which engages you, not the point in that an event starts. Also, TV series start from that engaging point; not the point in that story begins. This point, is the point in which every message should begin so far.

For example, imagine you want to teach somebody about “demand-supply” theory (I mean the famous economic theory). Maybe if you write the speech as academics, you start by definition of demand-supply. Will anyone encouraged to listen to you? I’m afraid, Not. But maybe you want to find a “creative” way for telling it. So, you start by an event. For example, you may tell your audience about a soldier who was hungry in Dresden; a city of Germany in which a huge bombardment happens. The soldier was ready to lose everything he had, to gain a piece of bread. You tell the soldier’s story and your audience become engaged to your speech. Her eyes are fully open and she (let’s assume that your audience is a girl) is waiting for you to tell the other elements of the theory.

So, how does a message go on?

After starting, message goes through the audience’s side. You may say (in the example of demand-supply theory) “What if you be on the soldier’s situation? Were you ready to lose everything, to gain a piece of bread?” Now, you have moved forward. You can tell the history of demand-supply theory, you can tell about this theory’s references, you can tell how and what this theory does in our daily life and how we deal with it. Your audience’s mind is open and you can tell her anything you want so far.

Does It matter who is your audience? Of course not! Everybody like stories; a child, my grand mom and even me! You can tell anything to anyone by forming it as a story.
Oh, wait! How do you want to stop your session?

You have to tell your audience pure information. efore reading this passage, you were thinking to start with this part. For example, you start the class with this sentence:
“According to Dr. frankenstein’s essay which published in 1200 A.D, supply-demand theory is an explanation of our manner to limited resources.”

No! Do not do that. Let your audience’s mind have this question:

“What is supply-demand theory exactly?”

So that you can expect her to come with you, to the end of story; story of your session.

I believe that the tomorrow will be for narrators; people who can tell anything by story. This is the definition of creative writing; write something outside of any paradigms. The way of this writing’ style, is going through narrative structure; something that I explained to you on this article.

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