To my Learning Brothers

Many are the times
we thought we could, all alone
many are the times
we did, all alone.
But many are such times,
we failed.
Times of no feed, no fees, no rent
but pains of painful pain.
Such turbulence breeds solitude.
Life is not fair –
we can only accept the things
we can’t change.
We are all equals,
only when adorned on this black and white.
Beyond this regalia,
we are bottled pains,
awaiting explosion;
for many are our frustrations.
Tell it to the one weeping beside you;
yours is not worse,
to the one crawling and the one in darkness;
be grateful, what doesn’t kill you leaves you stronger.
Spread your arms across to the one weeping beside you –
severely beaten by the notice board,
unbutton your heart
and feed his forlorn soul,
‘cos we all need somebody;
and when you are down,
unbutton your heart
to the one beside you,
‘cos we all need somebody.
Learning brothers, weep no more;

this war, will soon be over.

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