Writing is a one of the most valuable skills in the world. This skill should be noticed by your client or editor and it’s time to polish your godsend talent and even boast of a fatter paycheck. As all dreams are valid, presenting a better work to your editor in the future is possible with the help of these available free tools.
The first impression of everything does matter. Have you ever peeked at a headline by mistake and had to sit down or borrow that newspaper? Am glad you also did bet that the paper earned a substantial profit that day for it was actually irresistible. The twenty first century has provided an awesome ground for bright developers to allow you to pose the same effect to your readers. One of these tools that allows you to format your simple title is the Title Case. Title Case, is a website that displays the correct capitalization of your headline. The website applies the guidelines of the Associated Press (A.P.) style-book which was published in the year 2000. Another golden tool is Co Schedule’s Headline Analyzer. Headline analyzer analyzes a single title and displays the type of the title and the number of the four crucial types of words needed in a great title. The type featured includes common, uncommon, emotional and powerful words. The website also advices you on how to improve your title after rating it in percentage form.
Grammar is a crucial contributing factor to your writing. There are great tools to help you improve your diction. Most Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) trainers’ advice on using language that is understandable by a greater audience. How do you do that? It’s time to try the Hemingway Editor. The web hosted program features two modes; write and edit mode. The write mode allows you to in put your content by typing or pasting it. The edit mode enables you to correct spelling errors and list of used adverbs and phrases. The website also recommends the number of times to actually use passive voice.
Distractions elimination
While it’s time to write we all love a quiet place, without distractions. Typing in your computer is at times challenging due to the presence of abrupt notifications from the programs running. Hiding these programs from view is now possible from the free Focus Writer. This editing program provides a space for writing while blocking out the view of the rest of the screen with your favorite image.
Stephen King once pointed out that amateurs search for inspiration while the rest get down to work. You can now find a place to work while obtaining the much needed motivation. To achieve these, there are great programs that urge you to write while rewarding you after every completed task. 750 words is one of these tools. 750 words were created with the belief that writing three pages everyday in the morning will ensure you generate a habit. After completion of the day’s task, the website awards you by analyzing your words and presenting the findings in detailed graphs. The graphs display your mood, concern, mindset, time orientation and the most evident primary sense. The website also points out the number of distractions, writing speed and time used to reach the word count.
These tools not only ease your work but promote dedication, pride and even self realization.

It’s time to try these tools today.

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