Seasons and Times

It would seem that we are travelers
On a journey known by what?
Known by what we are taught
And what we see.
I should have come as a male
Then my lot may not have been denied me.
This is but a wish
A wish to no end.

We must take up our cross and cast before His beautiful Feet
And find solace in His warm embrace.
He is after all the Author and the Finisher of our Faith.
And the Worker of our Fate.
With smiles plastered on our faces
We weep and we bleed
And fear to trust the stranger who lends a helping hand,
“They must all be the same” we say
And keep our hands folded
Folded from a single hand shake.
We remember all to well the deceit and denials
The truth we refused to face.
Now we remember their plastered smiles and deceitful words.
“Oh trusting heart! where art thou led us?”
It all seemed like yesterday and today we are FREE.
But is this freedom when we are still plagued with horrors.
And “maybe, just maybe”
We will say,
Maybe one day we will look back and say
“it was just for a time and season”.

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