You heard about the competition? Now, it is time to meet the Judges.

With drums rolling, we present the February Judges!

First on the list, judging the Fiction category is…

Kaysee Attamah

Kelechi Attamah is a graduate of law from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He was a member of the revered Nwaokike Literary Club where his crafts in prose writing were greatly honed.

He was also one of the Associate editors of the maiden edition of The Wigs, a publication of the students of the Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus.

Kelechi has written a number of short stories, poems, and non-fictions that cut across Human Rights, politics, religion, sex, and love.

Most of his write-ups could be found on his blog, This is where he fights his demons.



Second on the list judging the Plays is…

Joshua Nwachukwu

Joshua B. Nwachukwu is a lawyer and a writer. Indeed, some say he is a lawyer during the day and a writer at night. When he is not immersed in legal work, he enjoys churning out articles. He has written several op-ed articles over the past 5 years on issues bothering on Law, politics, jurisprudence, religion and Human Rights. His works have been published in several National dailies in Nigeria such as Thisday, Guardian and Businessday and other electronic medium. In fact he is a columnist in Businessday.

He is also an avid reader, his choice of books have made him read authors of different cultures, places and times. His shelf includes the likes of Charles Dickens, G.K Chesterton, Chinua Achebe, Fyodor Dostoevsky, C. S Lewis, John Grisham, J.R.R Tolkien, Jeffrey Archer, Jane Austin, Tom Clancy, Sherlock Holmes, Fredrick Forsyth a generous bit of Shakespeare and a lot more

This exposure has equipped him with great imaginative, appreciative and analytical skills.


The third and final on the list judging the Poetry category is…

Chimezie Nwodo (Esq)

Chimezie Ogenna Nwodo was born in the Nigerian Coal City of Enugu. He obtained a Law degree from the University of Nigeria in 2012 and was admitted into the Nigerian Bar the following year. His inquisitive disposition and unyielding thirst and quest for knowledge have led him into questioning some popular ideas and beliefs. He introduces himself first as a thinker, then a writer, a lawyer, a traditionalist and a humanist.

He is proud of his African roots and ardently believes in the preservation of Africa’s core cultural and traditional values.

Asides practicing law, he reads, writes and explores, in his spare time.


Now you know them, will your creative writing announce you?





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