To be prolific in whatever you do, you must first start it.

To write is an art; to be prolific is a mastery of the art.

So, to be prolific in writing, you must start to write, learn to write and practice writing.

You simply cannot be a prolific writer without learning how to write. You cannot be prolific unless you practice writing every time and every day. It takes time and practice to have that skill.

How to become a prolific writer

In a nutshell, you know that what you write says a lot about you. From the aspect of your handwriting to how you deliver your message with regards to choice of words and flow of your grammar. Every writer has his unique style. Find yours and use it to enchant your audience.


Below are a few pointers you can use to become prolific:

First, One thing you should always consider is to know your audience. Audience is your driving force.

This will determine your selection of topic and words you are to use in addressing it.

The audience also determines which technique of delivery to be used, whether you need to break down and deeply elaborate you key points.  Your audience determines the level and style you will use to convey your message. For example, your language of communicating to children is not the same when it comes to learned adults.


Second, learn to develop and practice your skills. You have come across the one liner – “Practice makes perfect.

Becoming a prolific writer is not something that is earned overnight; it is a matter of consistent revising.

Learn to work on your strengths, which will end up covering your weaknesses. But covering your weakness should not be long-term; rather, it should be the summer-break you get to work on those weaknesses and build them into your strength.

Try something new once in a while. Variety is the spice of life. But do not get carried away with your variety that you lose touch and focus of your objectives. For example, if your writing style appears to the Adult lovers of Sci-fi, learn to write Sci-fi for kids. It may be daunting at first, but with time you will get a hang it. If it does not, just stop, try another method or enhance the old one.


Last, be creative enough.

When speaking or even writing, your audience will be greatly moved by the way to take them to a journey of imaginations by use of your creativity technique. They will want to know what will happen next after what they have heard or read, from you. For example, if it is a story, ensure you vividly describe the environment in which the activities are happening.


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