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Thomas Mann described a writer as a person who finds writing harder than others and writer’s block makes this sentiment even more accurate. The writing world is divided on the existence of writer’s block and whether it’s a gift, a curse or a vindictive form of karma that comes in just when you sit in front of a keyboard. One of the best ways to overcome writer’s block or find a new angle or material is through the use of creative writing prompts. Prompts can come in form of challenges such as writing a story using only monosyllabic words, an exercise or just phrases and words that act as prompts. The most common creative writing prompts are words or phrases that evoke emotion or need lots of description.

Words that are commonly used as creative writing prompts include sleepless, feast, morning, longing, fall, grandfather and beach. Some simple phrases such as out of place, road trip, and impending doom have also been used as prompts. Instructions such as: write a story about a police officer solving crime, write about a time you did something bad, writ about your home or your body and write about a catastrophic event or an exciting day. Simple prompts are very effective as it is easy to find content for them no matter how short.

Creative writing prompts that require descriptions are also very effective in helping clear the fog that comes with writer’s block. The following instructions that require extensive descriptions are excellent creative writing prompts.

• Describe a memorable event focusing on the physical reactions you experienced during the event such as cold sweats.

Writing Prompt

• Describe a place that you love going to and the best experiences you have had in this place.

• Describe something in your home using all five senses in your description.

Writing Prompt

• Describe your favorite season and give details on why you love it so much.

• Describe a first in your life such as your first kiss, your first job, and your first time being somewhere or your first heartbreak.

valentine story

The more emotional it is, the more words you are likely to have and the better your descriptions will be. Try to use all the five senses in your description to make it more exciting and connect better to your audience.

For those looking for more of a challenge, you can try prompts that require you to use only mono-syllabic words. A good example is the prompt; “the last thing I saw” or “on that sad day”. These prompts create suspense and help get your creative juices going. Prompts that revolve around things happening are also helpful as you get to formulate an opinion and articulate it well. Neil Gaiman offered one of the truest sentiments on writing. He said that writing is simply sitting at a keyboard and typing which makes it so easy and yet so hard. Writing takes a lot from you and even the best writers have had some tough days so if you need a push, try one of the many creative writing prompts and start typing.

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