Creative Writing Monthly Competition

Ikanwrite is inviting potential writers from all over Nigeria for a monthly creative writing competition that will begin this month. The competition is targeting writers aged between 14 and 25 years. To get started, one needs to register for the competition by making submissions online. Upon registration, the individual can proceed with other steps of the contest. To get an insight about this upcoming competition, here are some of the important things you need to know.

What Kind Of Content Are Writers Supposed To Submit?

The Ikanwrite creative writing competition offers writers a chance of writing on a number of topics. The main categories one can write are Fiction, Plays and Poetry. Fiction and play writers will be required to write content not exceeding 1000 words. On the other hand, those doing poetry will be allowed to write a maximum of 40 lines on every piece. There will only be one winner in each of these categories.

Prizes for Winners of the Competition

There are several prizes up for grabs for the best creative writer in each category. Winners from the specified categories will either receive a #5,000 Konga voucher or be granted a visit to the Jazzhole where they can spend #5,000. The judges will select the winners from a list of top 10 most loved creative posts in the three major categories.

Competition Timelines

The competition is scheduled to start on 1st February, 2017 and expected to end on 28th February, 2017. Results for the best performers or winners will then be announced on 10th March, 2017. Those hoping to participate in the competition should know that they must first register online at before they become eligible to compete.

To get elaborate answers to pressing question about the website or competition, visit our FAQs page. And for those who have any inquiries regarding the contests, they can contact us via phone or by sending an email.

I can write, can You?

Let the writing begin!!


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