Thoughts on relationship goals

Topic may have double or triple meaning as the case may be. At the end, we will be certain if you follow my train of thoughts. He has the guts to talk to me anyhow, he does not listen to what I say, when I talk, he talks back even yells at me, or worse covers his hear when I speak . He is just nine, not even a decade old , yet I can boast of a decade and more if not two. A child of the same age whom I might teach […]


Random Thoughts of a Stressed Lagos Lawyer

So my head has been boiling nonstop for weeks now. The boiling is so intense that you can actually cook a pot of beans with ripe plantain on my head. However, the boiling is not really my problem, my problem is that I can’t feel the enormous heat my head is producing. I mean my head is so hot but when I touch it, it feels so cold like ice. […]