Some day we’ll meet and it’ll be love at first sight Perhaps we’ve already crossed paths Some day we’ll meet again but they’ll be no recognition We’d be just as strangers Except with faded memories Maybe we’ll go that adventure we never go round to Maybe we’ll share a passion together Maybe we’d fall in and then out of love with each other But whatever happens With whomever it happens […]



Lost battles of no amount, beaten over and over again. The great loser, the celebration of defeat. Mock this man; he, who never wins. Failure is his lifestyle, how can you offer him victory? Salutations to this brave coward, greetings to the wise fool. The one that learns the biggest lessons, he who harbours the sweetest pains. Beware! Of this foolish man, his return will be termed epic. His lessons; […]



The dust in your eyes, the gentle wave in your scarf, the hair all over your face, the hurried clicks of your shoes, they follow a rhythm. The growling drills, the moaning engines, the howling air planes, the screeching tyres, they are in tandem. The dripping tap, the rustling silver wares, the whistling kettle, the beeping oven, they follow a pattern. The thunderous thunder, the illuminating lightening, the soft taps […]



Darea! Darea! glowing intelligent, In the field of the dusk, What Supreme architect, Could sketch thy gracious look? What close coasts or clouds Permeated the zeal of your eyes? On whose shelter laid your hope? That the Mighty could not seize? What fingers, and what creativity, Could turn the muscles of your interior? And when the heart begins to pump, What handful twist and what marvelous legs? When the constellation […]


I won't stop!

Shirt torn, Hair flying, Nose bleeding, Blood shot eye, Two teeth missing. These spectators won’t stop yelling but all I can hear is the deafening beats of the war drum. The one that boils my blood with determination. These distractions are so appealing, drawing me in shades of sugar and honey, but all I can see is the target. Even if I lose all my limbs, shed my skin, dragged […]



Succubus came visiting tonight When even the gods stumble in slumber and in the deep recesses of minds eye dancing and swirling in pleasures delight With Jezebels stretched hands reaching out for mans enclaved soul She beckons me with promises of sorrows relieved If only I would do her bidding Tale of emperors succumbed Of empires destroyed For who can resist thee? None, not man of frail will But I? […]


To my Learning Brothers

To my Learning Brothers Many are the times we thought we could, all alone many are the times we did, all alone. But many are such times, we failed. Times of no feed, no fees, no rent but pains of painful pain. Such turbulence breeds solitude. Life is not fair – we can only accept the things we can’t change. We are all equals, only when adorned on this black […]


Seasons and Times

Seasons and Times It would seem that we are travelers On a journey known by what? Known by what we are taught And what we see. I should have come as a male Then my lot may not have been denied me. This is but a wish A wish to no end. Then, We must take up our cross and cast before His beautiful Feet And find solace in His […]



Extraordinarily manifesting in splendor Putting smile in the face of its contrite Seekers Brings about unquestionable fortunes, Put confusion in the midst of the Wise But makes them calm Like a sheep grazing with its Sheppard by the side, Stupid to understand But wise to accept Scares the mind with a question “HOW” But strengthens the mind with an answer “BELIEVE” What can it be? A fulfillment of spiritual Law […]


Mother Earth

Glittering like Diamond found in the Ocean floor Glooming like the face of the beautiful angel found in the sky above Protect and nurtures its offspring Roaring and shedding tears of joy During the gathering of food for its offspring Smiling in brightness like the Mermaid found in the river Fortifying its offspring with Vitamin D Lying and smiling in silence Watching over its offspring Resting at the dark hours […]