Writing Sparks The Creative Mind To Unimaginable Levels

To trace writing is to trace civilization. It is the one form of art that has been with mankind. It is constantly evolving. Nevertheless, different people have different reasons for writing. Some write to be alive, to have that sense of creating a spark that burns forever. Others write to awaken their dreams, to see that inextinguishable passion. Others develop it as a given talent while a few turn it […]



To be prolific in whatever you do, you must first start it. To write is an art; to be prolific is a mastery of the art. So, to be prolific in writing, you must start to write, learn to write and practice writing. You simply cannot be a prolific writer without learning how to write. You cannot be prolific unless you practice writing every time and every day. It takes […]


The Free Right and Ultimate Career Uplifting Writing Tools

Writing is a one of the most valuable skills in the world. This skill should be noticed by your client or editor and it’s time to polish your godsend talent and even boast of a fatter paycheck. As all dreams are valid, presenting a better work to your editor in the future is possible with the help of these available free tools. Impression The first impression of everything does matter. […]



With all of the writing that is out there on the internet today, it can be difficult to find some of the tools that you might need to become a marketable and reputable fiction writer. There is so much writing that is key word dense but lacking in style, content and substance. Gone are the days of dime store novels and drop in the bucket romances. Today, the writing world […]


Facts vs Feelings; what is it With Creative Writing?

Facts vs Feelings; what is it With Creative Writing? For the Love of Imagination, Creativity and Literary Writing. Creative writing is any writing which goes beyond the confines of technical, academic, journalistic and professional forms of articles and it comes out conspicuously with its traditions of poetics and poetry, literary tropes, character development and the emphasis on narrative craft. Considering this staggering definition, it can be possible to categorize feature […]


Tips On How To Make Your Story A Masterpiece

It is always fulfilling to see your story in the top-ten most read list. It means that there’s something you did right and everybody wants a piece of you. But before you become that famous author, you must work at it. A chef usually adds some spices to his or her recipe to make it more tasty and appetizing. You know a great meal by looking at it. In the […]


5 Creative Writing Techniques That Will Boost Your Writing

Creative writing is one crucial area that most people need to learn. This guide is going to show you some of the best creative writing techniques. You can leverage on them to produce outstanding pieces. So what are some of these tips and tricks? Keep the momentum The very first technique in creative writing is to learn how to keep the momentum when writing. How do you do that? Learn […]


Tips for Creative Writing

Definition of creative writing is very well known among artists, poets, screenwriters, playwriters and writers generally because it is kind of writing which does not fit to any professional, academic, journalist and technical forms of writing. If you are already familiar with this kind of writing, but you are looking for some tips or you are new to all this, take five minutes to stop and read how to improve […]


Creative Writing Prompts

Thomas Mann described a writer as a person who finds writing harder than others and writer’s block makes this sentiment even more accurate. The writing world is divided on the existence of writer’s block and whether it’s a gift, a curse or a vindictive form of karma that comes in just when you sit in front of a keyboard. One of the best ways to overcome writer’s block or find […]



You heard about the competition? Now, it is time to meet the Judges. With drums rolling, we present the February Judges! First on the list, judging the Fiction category is… Kelechi Attamah is a graduate of law from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He was a member of the revered Nwaokike Literary Club where his crafts in prose writing were greatly honed. He was also one of the Associate editors […]