It is said that,when things turn around for our good,people who rejected us comes around too,forgetting their ill­-treatment to us.But this will only happen if we are determined to make it against all odds and this is so in my life.At my present age,I can still recall all that happened some years ago especially the incident that took my beloved mother’s life.I can remember the hardship I went through before I became who I am today.

It all happened about ten years ago.I was coming back from school after writing my first UTME examination when I met some people coming out from our house in a mourning mood.The women were sobbing while the men were shrugging their shoulders in despair.“What happened?”I asked anxiously.No one seems to reply me.I was baffled.I went straight inside the house.“Mama, mama…!”I called but there was no response.“Where is mama?”I asked the women who were sitting near the kitchen.“Son take heart”one of the women finally talked to me.“Your mama is gone!”.“Gone to where?”I could not wait to listen further.“Mama was here when I left for school this morning and now you’re telling me she’s gone. Gone to where?Tell me!because she never told me she would be going anywhere today.Today is not Orie market’’.

“Obinna calm down,relax your mind.You are just coming back from exam”Another woman chipped in.Just then,Okorie,one of my uncles’ came and signaled me to come and I came.“Listen”he began“You are a man,you must not act like a woman.Your mother is in the mortuary now!”“what!”I shouted amidst disbelief and shock.“That’s impossible!my mother can not be in the mortuary.She is still young to go there.When I left this morning,she was in a good health.She never looked like someone who was sick letalone to be in the mortuary.Where is my mother?I need to see her now!”

‘My son,I know this is not what you expected to hear right now but it has happened and we can’t question God’.Tears filled my eyes.I remembered my mother was the only one who was left for me in this lonely world since my father and my two siblings was involved in a ghastly motor accident few years back.All the things I did,I did it for her but death took her away from me.I broke into a pathetic cry.

Later,I learnt that my mother was diagnosed of ovarian cancer earlier but she kept it from me and had to go through the pains alone so as not to bother me with her terrible condition.No wonder,that particular morning,as if she knew she would not survive it.She had kissed me so dearly on my forehead and patted my head softly and blessed me.I never understood that until now.I took it as one of a mother’s tender loving care for her beloved son not knowing it was the last goodbye kiss.

After my mother’s funeral,things became terribly hard for me.At my nineteen years of age,I had to face the reality of being a poor and helpless orphan.Although I passed my UTME examination and was given admission into a tertiary institution to study medicine,I could not go because I had no money or anyone to further me in my education.The death of my beloved mother does not only left a vacuum in my heart but also cost me all the money I had saved for my education.

It was after my mother’s death that I discovered that not all that comes closer to us wish me well.Even my uncles,none of them agreed to sponsor my education.Life was not sweet to me anymore.I wished death would also take me too since it has taken all my family members and my happiness.What is then the essence of my living.I thought.

One day,I made up my mind to accept life as I see it,nevertheless I am determined to go further in education so as to be useful to myself and to the society at large.I wrote an application letter to a school that needed teachers and Luckily I was employed with my O’level certificate.

Eventhough the salary was not encouraging I was determined to take it up since teaching is part of learning.I also became a private tutour to a man,who agreed to sponsor me in the university.

Once i came back home from the day’s job,I would be awoke all night studying for the upcoming UTME examination.Before this time,I was able to save money from the little amount I was paid,to register for the examination and luckily I passed the exam and was given admission to study medical laboratory science.I was happy atlast I would go to school.The man helped in securing an accommodation for me in school and paid for my clearance and registration fees.I would never forget this man in my life.He contributed in making me what I am today.

However,while in my two hundred level in school,the man died and it was one of the darkest moment of my life.I had to face a big challenge in school.The struggle continued but despite all odds I was dertmined to make it in life as i promised my late mother.I remembered in most cases I used to drink garri for awhole day and sometimes I would not eat the whole day.

This continued even till my final year in school but all that happened I was able to make my papers and emerged one of the first class student of our time.I was employed in a private hospital immediately and was paid very well.As i write this story,I am able to build my own house and have my own car and to crown it all,I am married with two kids.

I am happy that I made it atlast as i promised my late mother, however am not happy she is not alive to enjoy the fruit of her labour.Against all odd,I am able to make it in life and now my uncles never stop calling me to know how I am doing.Because my life has turn around for good,they have come around to celebrate me.



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