Topic may have double or triple meaning as the case may be. At the end, we will be certain if you follow my train of thoughts.

  1. He has the guts to talk to me anyhow, he does not listen to what I say, when I talk, he talks back even yells at me, or worse covers his hear when I speak . He is just nine, not even a decade old , yet I can boast of a decade and more if not two. A child of the same age whom I might teach in school, will with all utmost fear and respect call me aunty but this one does not because we are family. Our relationship is as a result of blood ties. If he is not my brother , would he dare?. The same thing goes for other relationships, there is always a connection. The reason why Yekeen is assured of a space in Chevron is because his brother is one of the top officers, this one na real connect. This is as a result of the first connection they had through a family relationship.

That’s not all, I could not get accommodation in the hall because I lack the connection or relationship to build one , maybe if my uncle’s younger sister’s fiance is working there , it would have flowed down to me. But wetin man go do??😙😙. I believe there is always a connection in relationships whether positive or negative.  A saying goes that “in sorrow never forger joy and in joy as well never forget sorrow”. At such, change is the only constant thing . Therefore always strive for relationships. You never know where it will lead you, not necessarily the one that leads to bed, its okay not to be led and lead.

My thoughts eggzactly😘😘

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